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Canada in the classroom

In addition to the multiple activities at various universities in the German speaking countries, Canada has also become a topic for the classroom due to an increasing interest in English and French language teaching and, although only marginally, also in the geography and history classroom. Thus, this website is mainly intended as a research tool for teachers of English and French, but also offers various of sources of information for geography and history teachers and anyone interested in Canada.

- Bibliography
An increasing number of publications has become available since the 1980s, but, in particular, in the new millenium and since the German lands of Hessen (2010), Schleswig Holstein (2013) and Hamburg (2016) chose Canada as country of reference for their final exams. This page wants to be a guide, online reference and research tool offering information and comments on published school materials, articles, anthologies etc. as well as suggesting links and cross-references providing information on a variety of subjects and topics.

- Canadiana
The Internet has developed into a valuable source of information about various aspects related to Canada. This section is useful for students and experts in the field not only from the German-speaking countries, but basically for anybody related to the teaching of topics concerning Canada or only interested in Canada and its people, in general.

- Classroom
"Education-Canada" is primarily designed for teachers who intend to integrate Canada into their syllabus. Thus, this page focusses on links, suggestions and teaching materials closely related to classroom activities.

- News/Activities
This page intends to inform about upcoming Canadian Studies Conferences, Teacher Training Seminars and new developments concerning classroom activities, recent publications of school materials, new links etc.. It also intends to provide information about cultural activities focussing on Canadian writers, artists, musicians, readings, theatre productions etc.

To remain useful this website requires regular updating and maintaining. Further bibliographical data, additional useful links and information, but also comments are always welcome via
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